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We have a vacancy as associate professor / professor of communication with an emphasis in the public sector. The position is assigned to the Department of Communication and Culture and the position will be related to research and teaching in the field of communication and organization in the public sector with emphasis on the education sector. As an employee of the department, the candidate is expected to contribute significantly to the department’s research and teaching environment, and BI's overall research strategy. The department conducts research and teaching in the field of communication and digitalization for the public and private sectors, including for the school and kindergarten sector, and creative industries.

It is expected that the candidate will be able to teach and guide students at the master's and bachelor's level, as well as contribute to research and publishing, as well as educational development work.

Eligibility requirements:

• Relevant doctorate.

• Scientific publications in pedagogy, communication, school research, and learning environment.

• Documented educational qualifications, pedagogical skills and broad teaching experience in the field.

• The candidate must be fluent in Norwegian and English both in writing and orally.


When assessing and ranking, emphasis is placed on:

• Education and / or research experience in pedagogy and communication.

• Relevant scientific publications over the past three to five years.

• Practical work experience.

• Experience from teaching and supervision at bachelor and master level.

• Good collaborative skills and ability to enter into multidisciplinary communities.

• Personal characteristics that can contribute positively to the working environment.

Other consultancy, dissemination activities, research management and contributions in research projects will also be emphasized. In addition, account will be taken of any administrative experience, management skills and experience of public sector activities.

Women are especially encouraged to apply.

Competence assessment is carried out in accordance with the usual rules for academic and educational positions at universities and scientific colleges. The position is linked to BI's collective pension agreement and is paid according to agreement.

Applicants will be invited for interviews, trial lectures or seminar presentations. BI Norwegian Business School reserves the right not to appoint applicants who are scientifically qualified, if they find that they do not meet other, specified requirements, for educational abilities, teaching experience, experience from work in or in collaboration with the business community and for personal collaboration skills.

The application, CV and complete list of professional work, as well as any information about and / or documentation of other activities that may be of importance in assessing the applicant's qualifications are sent electronically. Remember that the highest education and other relevant documentation must be documented. Up to 15 publications can be submitted in the application.  

Further information about the position can be obtained by contacting BI Norwegian Business School at department head Gillian Warner-Søderholm, tel. 464 10 697.




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